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And the Oscar goes to..

Thank you life thank you love and it is true there is some angels in this city

I'd like to thank the Academy
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Hello and welcome to thankyouacademy. As you can probably tell from the name, this comm will be about anything and everything related to the Academy Awards. It won't be exclusively about the Oscars though; as many of you probably know, there are a slew of precursor awards that take place staring in the fall that lead up to the Oscars. This comm will keep you up to date on all the critics awards/nominations, film festivals, the critical reception of anticipated films and the guild awards. It's also where I will be posting the mock-Oscar ballot from now on. So if you love movies and pretty people on the red carpet, join/watch!

Members will also be able to post things that are Oscar/Award Show related although posting will be moderated. So if you made a picspam about Oscar or Golden Globes Fashion, you are free to post it here!

Reference Posts:
Film Festival Winners, 2010
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